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Section 1: Guild Hierarchy

Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:39 pm

Guild Hierarchy


Second in Command



Raid Leaders
Positions open

Primary Responsibilities

Raid Leading Officer: Psychomantis
---> Responsibilities: Managing Raid Rosters, Organizing Team Leaders, setting up General Raiding Practice and Strategy, coordinating with Guild Leaders to ensure efficient progression, and Leading Raids.

Team Leaders:
---> Responsibilities: Constructing Boss Strategy, organizing/leading Raids, scheduling raids, Managing Team Rosters.

Website Management: Bezine, Drenash (New App site)
---> Responsibilities: Fixing website problems as they occur, and website development

Recruitment/Personnel Administrators: Drenash & Psychomantis
---> Responsibilities: Manage new applications/Recruits, manage individuals during roadie/member periods, upgrading access. Also helps during raids with raid administration

General Administrator: Psychomantis
---> Responsibilities: Keeping the guild policies organized and clear, general assistant to the Guild Leaders, helper with raid administration.

Guild Resource Manager: Psychomantis
---> Responsibilities: Manage the guild donations and bills. (webhosting/ventrilo)

Guild DKP Officer: Due to change in end game, SDM is not using the DKP system. We are currently using EPGP via the EPGP loot master add on.
---> Responsibilities: Manage the DKP for raids. Teal Leaders are in charge of loot rules of each team.

Guild Finance: Psychomantis
---> Responsibilities: Management of the guild banks contents and ensuring a positive gain in guild funds.

Section 1: Raid Team Management & Expectations

Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:09 pm

The Team Leader will communicate with the team in a transparent manner. This requires full disclosure in the appropriate team forum or in vent with at least ¾ of the team present. Team activities included but not limited to this policy include use of team resources and any changes in team operation. Team members are responsible for checking the team forum and/or logging in on a regular basis. Many routine decisions are made by the Team Leader in the course of managing a raid team, this policy is not meant to interfere in any way with the Team Leader making those routine decisions. However, SDM values a democratic approach to making “important decisions.” Team Leaders are expected to discuss “important decisions” with team members and not to implement those “important decisions” without majority agreement of the team members. It is beyond the scope of this policy to attempt to identify all possible “important decisions.” Examples include: any event or raiding session that involves the teams raid lockout, disposing of valuable team resources, or changing the raid schedule. If the Team Leader is unsure whether a decision is an “important decision” that needs to be submitted for team agreement, the Team Leader should talk to the Raid Leading Officer, the GM, or other SDM Officers (in that order of preference, depending on availability). In the interest of transparency if not all team members were present for a discussion held in vent, the team’s decision should be documented in the team forum (not a lot of detail is necessary – just a brief summary of the team’s decision).
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