Loot specialization for dailys/WQ

Loot specialization for dailys/WQ

Postby Psychosiss » Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:46 pm

Yeah I know i am wasting my time, but I am also wasting theres, and theres cost money, so I am good with it. I submitted a ticket after receiving a titanforged artifact relic for a spec I dont have- from the emissary chest. Here is everything so far..

From Me:
My loot specialization is affliction, furthermore i havent done the quest to get the weapons for the other specializations. Why do I keep getting items as "rewards" that are not rewards and just vendor trash.. makes no sense. This was not from a WQ, this was from the emissary chest for nightfallen. Your loot specialization is broken, and i want the item replaced with something useful.. I was so excited to see titanforged only to be let down that it is useless. And dont give me that crap that this is as intended.. You intend to fuck over people that dont play the way you want? Some of us dont like to play other specs, so why do we get penalized for it?

From Them:
Hey John,
Game Master Garaughril at your service! I understand you're pretty upset about the contents of your Nightfallen Emissary chest, and World Quest loot in general. I can definitely understand why that's the case - you keep getting loot that you don't intend to use at all! ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶ Rawr! That's no fun! I can shed a bit of light on this, for you. I'm hoping to address any questions you may have satisfactorily and promptly, as we know how valuable your time is.

So, the World Quest rewards - as well as Emissary chests - are intended to drop loot based on a loot-table for the whole class, including all its specs. The reason we decided to do things this way is kind of interesting, and it has to do with the system of random loot upgrades that was developed for Legion. You have a small chance of getting a random upgrade for basically any piece of loot that drops in the game. But this presents a problem! It was determined by our devs to be too rewarding for players that were super-specialists like yourself. Playing in a single spec is definitely admirable, but never having to swap specs or change your loot spec means that there's never a circumstance where you're trying to weigh the costs of being in the "wrong spec" when collecting loot for your alternate specs. As a healer, I spend a fair amount of time in my "off" spec, and I need to collect gear for that spec, too, albeit at a slower rate! So, we set up World Quests and the Emissary Chests as a way for players to collect offspec loot without changing their preferred loot spec.

If you have feedback about this choice, while we Game Masters are always happy to lend an ear, you might want to direct your comments to the individuals that have the most power over these decisions! Tweet @warcraftdevs, or submit your feedback in-game using the Suggestion feature (Hotkey: ESC -> Help -> Submit a Suggestion). Our devs spend a huge part of their day poring over these suggestions and they have implemented a huge number of changes on these bases, as well as in response to discussions on our Community Forums and other Social Networking platforms. They really are listening, even if they aren't able to directly respond. No worries, though, we are here for that. *hugs* I wish we could help more. While I know this wasn't the answer you were searching for, I do hope the information helps somewhat, and it has nevertheless been my honor to assist you, worthy hero of Azeroth.

Hail, good harvest, and peace!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Game Master Garaughril

From Me:
i want this escalated, everyone I have spoken too feels the same way but feel powerless to do anything about it. Loot specialization is there for a reason, to implement a system to bypass it for the gameplay we do the most is utterly retarded. To hold your players over a barrel is downright bullying because you know we have invested SO MUCH time and energy into our entertainment but yet you dont want to reward us for what we are doing but instead for what you want us to do. You start paying us to play and you can reward us however you like, but since we are paying you, it makes no sense to disregard a system already in the game because it is "too rewarding for players that were super-specialists".. If I wanted to play a different spec I would and I would change my specialization appropriately.. It is the same thing on my DK Psychosiss.. I tank with him, I dont want dps gear if I am tanking.. Personalized loot, loot specialization, all the systems in place yet you bypass them for all the daily content, the content we do the most, utterly retarded.. I want this escalated, your boss needs to respond to me. I submitted the suggestion as you recommended with this ticket number in it so it can be referenced.

From Them:
Hi John!

This is Game Master Aldverhat! But you can call me Al for short. ;) Thank you for reporting your concern about that you received loot from the Emmissary chest for Nightfallen that didn't go by class spec and you received an item that was not ideal for your spec.

I can imagine how concerning this can be as I, too have received Items I thought were less than ideal or more suiting for another spec than the one I was currently in.

Although we understand how concerning this is it comes down to the simple fact that Customer support has no ability to change game design of function. Heck if I was a Developer I certain would look into your thoughts more on how to better suit this feature in the game for the benefit for all but alas that is not our role.

What we can do though is get you pointed in the right direction.

If you feel that the functionality should be different, then please let our Development Team know. While you can voice your concerns on the Forums, there are a lot of people there and it often feels like your voice is lost in the shuffle.

What I suggest doing is submitting a Suggestion Ticket in game. Under the Help Options, click on the Submit a Suggestion. Then let the Developers know in your own words what your concerns are with how the system currently works. This creates an automatic report that's sent DIRECTLY to the folks who CAN make these kind of changes.

Please try to have a great day! Thank you for contacting Blizzard Support!

From Me:

You didnt read my response, or your cut and paste response wasnt edited to not include what was already written about.. Either way I feel like I am being ignored. I already submitted a suggestion referencing this ticket number. What I want now is escalation.. I want your bosses' boss to intial off on this ticket with the hope that they will bring it up at the next meeting. Escalation is the only way to be certain the issue is given its due-dilligence.

From Me:
If you want me to go away, lie to me and tell me you are the bosses' boss and you will make a note to bring it up in the next meeting. I know game masters arent devs, but someone in your chain has an open dialog with devs or the devs are more retarded then previously imagined.

From Them:
Hi there John,

Today I want to make certain I address your feedback to the fullest and how feedback works for us.

Feedback is something we are always looking for there are a lot of moving parts as far as accessing the situation, the impact on the community, the number of reports, along with what other areas of the game they are looking to improve, how long it'll take them to get a new feature added to the game and sometimes implementation isn't always something that is a quick process.

Although we appreciate feedback on our game and the passions behind the feedback that's provided Customer Support is not able to expedite any part of this process. We understand that this part of it is impactful to your gaming experience, this is something that needs to be communicated and championed through our forums for a heavier push. That is where other members of the community can ban together to unite as one voice so our dev teams can truly see the impact in the community.

If you'd like you can continue to speak with a supervisor about this further. This won't expedite the process, but I wanted to make sure you had that avenue.

In order to get in touch with him, you'll need to email cssupervisor@blizzard.com and make sure to enter Kyle in the subject line.

Thanks very much for your time and feedback.

From Me:
So I have submited a suggestion, posted to the forums; http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topi ... 182#post-1

and i will email kyle here in a minute. please send this up the chain so someone with a devs ear can at least glance at it.

Email From Me:


The whole point of this email is to get in touch with someone in the customer service chain that either goes to meetings with devs or has an ear in a social setting.

This is regarding Ticket Number: US57827394

Essentially in a nutshell, this is about legion world quests and emissary chest being assigned class loot table instead of a class-spec loot table. From what I understand about the explanations so far, devs want the players to play offspecs more, and dont want players to gear-up too fast on any single spec which they believe this would achieve. Since WQ and chest dont scale to a players itemlevel, it is very rare that something of the appropriate level is gained from one of these sources, and rarer still that it is titanforged. All the current system is doing is pissing people off and making your customers feel powerless and belittled. I recommend either changing those systems to be on a class-spec loot table, or turning off gear altogether and just keeping the current rewards system that is gold, blood, artifact power, order resources, honor, etc... The current system only benefits enchanters who go around collecting epics to disenchant. Or an even better alternative imo, change the chest to class-spec, and remove gear from WQ.

The reason this is so important is because your customers are feeling bullied into this system. The personal loot and loot specialization systems are already in place, but yet are ignored for the content most done by players in PVE. I can see no negative effects this will cause to the PVP crowd unless you turn off loot altogether.

I can only hope this message finds you in good spirits, and motivates you to help from your side of the servers,
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Re: Loot specialization for dailys/WQ

Postby Psychomantis » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:34 am

I feel the pain. I decided to main shadow priest which only uses 2 shadow and 1 blood relics however I would always get life relics, like 75 percent of the time. The other 25 percent was holy and blood. I think since the start I may have seen one or two shadow relics if that. Fortunately I do use the healing specs now and then but it was a pain getting those shadow relics at first.
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Re: Loot specialization for dailys/WQ

Postby Psychosiss » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:32 pm

If you get a chance, please goto the forums and explain how you feel about the subject..

http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topi ... 182#post-1

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